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Why Work With Us:

Why have your carpet cleaned:

  • Your carpet is the biggest filter in you home. it catches and hold pollen, dust mites, & allergens. Once the carpet fibers is full it releases those contaminates back into the air making no place safe from allergens!
  • There is a 90% transfer rate from tile floors to the bottom of your shoe. this includes rest rooms, stores & offices. Our 3 step cleaning system removes these harmful bacteria, and other micro organisms.
  • Clean carpet makes your home feel like home again.

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Skilled Technicians

Our technicians are skilled and use the right cleaning detergents and processes to clean your home correctly.

Local Small Business

We are a local small business that is passionate about serving the community with our high quality services.

Great Customer Service

We care about our customers and we'll do anything it takes to make their experiences with us the best it can be.

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Carpet Cleaning Like Never Before!

our unique & all inclusive 3 Stage cleaning process

Pretreat our pretreat is the first step in refreshing & decontaminating your carpet. our specialized formula soaks deep into the carpets fibers where it breaks down stains & disturbs colonies of dust mites & bacteria.

We then us a vortex cleaning tool to scrubs & steams the carpet using high pressure jets. This process Kills bacteria, dust mites, & other micro organisms is your carpet.

We then extract all of the cleaner, water, contaminates leaving your carpet clean, fresh, & safe!