Corporate Events in Cincinnati

Looking for the perfect perk to energize your tenants, customers, staff, or residents?​

Our onsite car wash and detailing is just the thing. In today’s competitive climate it’s important to go the extra mile to let your people know you care about them and appreciate their loyalty. Whether they are tenants in your building, your leading broker, or some other group of really cool people, from time to time it’s important to do something out of the box. Well, at least that’s what the guys over at Merrill Lynch said when asked what made them call us. I think the teams over at Wells Fargo, GE, Kroger, Morgan Stanley, UBS, & Foster Motley would say the same. In fact we have been hired by over 125 different companies in 6 different cities, traveling as far as 5 hours away. We aren’t just the experts in this field, we actually set the standard.

How to Set up a Corporate Event

Decide whether it is going to be a company sponsored or individual pay event. Also, will this be 1 time or recurring?

Select a date.

Select a location – We bring our own water and electricity. With this in mind where is the best place for us to set up? The best locations are usually ones that are easy to find & receive little traffic for example, the back of the parking lot, top of the garage, near the loading dock etc.

Get the word out! We’ll create a flyer specifically for your people with all of the important who, when, where, as well as the different packages they have to choose from.