Stage 2 Ceramic Coating

$1,799.00 3 days

Ceramics offer an unmatched level of protection. It has a chemical makeup similar to Glass, ceramic, and quartz though it can’t shatter or crack. It is resistant to chemicals, bugs, tree sap, UV rays, & swirl marks. Ceramic coats Are literally a glass encasement for your paint. With a lifespan of 5 + years it pays for itself by keeping your resale value high and saving you trips to the car wash. A ceramic coat lowers your vehicle surface tension making it harder for dirt and other particles to stick to it. Your car washes will generally last three times longer.

  • Thoroughly wash vehicle.
  • 5 Step decontamination.
  • Buff & polish exterior surfaces.
  • Apply 1 layer of the ceramic coating.
  • Last 3 to 5 years, depending on upkeep. Though most companies sell this as a 5-year coating, most test have proven it’s only effective for 3 years of daily driving. Comes with a 3yr warranty.