We are a team of professional detailers who carry ourselves with respect in every way. Our work areas are always organized and free of all tripping hazards, trash, and debris. We also use deionized water filters for a spotless rinse and high grade cleaners and dressing to ensure we’re protecting your investment for the long term.


Spick & Span Car Wash and Detailing uses a completely self-contained mobile unit equipped with water, electricity for our tools, and all of the supplies needed to properly wash and detail any size car, boat, bus, or jet.


Unlike going to a detail shop you don’t have to go out of your way to have a perfectly clean car. You can schedule our services to be performed while you’re at the office, gym, golf course, home, or anywhere else!

Choose Us?

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service in every aspect. You are sure to return to your vehicle in Spick & Span shape.


Want to do something special and out of the box for your employees? We have just a thing. Our corporate car wash events Brings fun, excitement and leaves a lasting impression on your staff!


Having trouble finding the right company to maintain your fleet? We’ve got you covered! Our on site fleet wash and detailing services make sure your company is always represented in the best light!

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