Air Duct Cleaning in Cincinnati

Almost 7 million people die each year of deseases related to household air polution according to the world health orginization. In fact if you found the busiest intersection in America & took a deep breath, that air would be 5x cleaner than what’s currently in your home! This is because of our new age insaluation. The better the insulation the less your home car breath! Newer homes have 75% more micro particlants (small particles that get into our lungs and blood stream when we breath), Volatile organic compounds (VOC), bacteria, and other health hazards when compared to homes built around 1960.

Service Other companies Spick & Span home , window & auto cleaning
Clean vents & vent ducting Included Included
Clean main lines & furnace cabinet Not always included Included
Before & After Photos Not always included Included
HEPA filter to remove micro particulates, allergens, bacteria, & volatile compounds trapped in your home Included
Dryer vent cleaning Included
Sanitize all ducting Included
odor eliminator sprayed through ducts included
Air Quality report Included


Amazingly clean ducts

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