Air Duct Cleaning

 The quality of your indoor air is much lower than the quality of air Outdoors. This fact came directly from a study done by the EPA. The ductwork that does such an amazing job of keeping your house cool on those hot summer days and warm in The Frigid cold of the winter is full of allergens, pathogens, bacteria, pet dander, nerves, and other microorganisms. The EPA also said in this study the indoor air quality is among the top-tier threats to People’s Health in the United States. Have you ever wondered why you feel sick or your allergy starts bothering you when your furnace is on? This is because of the allergens and microorganisms that have found a home in your air duct system. Though your air filter does a great job of filtering out most of The culprits sometimes, the worst of the worst gets through and it lands right in your ducting system wedding to be blasted in the air and circulated through your home.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Technique