Mount Storm Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Located in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, Mount Storm Park is a 59-acre municipal park. It is located on the western slope of a hill and overlooks the Mill Creek Valley. Learn more!

Temple of Love

Originally built in 1852, the Temple of Love in Mount Storm Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States is the only remnant of the estate of dry goods magnate Robert Bonner Bowler. It was designed by landscape architect Adolph Strauch, who met Bowler in Vienna. The temple was designed to house a reservoir, and to supply water to the seventeen greenhouses on Bowler’s estate.

Robert Bonner Bowler, who was born in Rhode Island, came to Cincinnati in 1803. He started a dry goods business on Pearl Street, and later pursued a railroad interest. He was mayor of Clifton and served as the Comptroller of the Treasury under President Grover Cleveland. Bowler’s heirs sold their estate to the city of Cincinnati for park purposes in 1911.

The Temple of Love has been restored by the Clifton Garden Club. It is based on the temple of Marie Antoinette at Versailles. The design features a dome topped by an urn, and a frieze with rosettes, acanthus leaves, and swans.

It is also the site of a reception for Prince of Wales in 1860. He was later to become King Edward VII. The Temple of Love also hosted Charles Dickens.

Bowler’s estate once contained greenhouses for bananas, exotic flowers, palms, and other plants. Another greenhouse contained over sixty different varieties of camellia.

Great sled riding hills

Whether you’re a young kid or a seasoned aficionado, there’s something for everyone in the Great sled riding hills of Cincinnati, Ohio. From fun-filled winter wonderlands to high-tech indoor ice rinks, you’ll find it all.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll run across the park’s other offerings. This includes the “fun” sledding hill, which boasts a mild incline. During the winter months, cross-country skiing is also available on the hill’s adjacent trails.

The park also boasts an impressive ice skating rink and an impressively sized sledding hill, which is also illuminated at night. There are restrooms available on site as well, and you can even rent a cabin for the night.

The Great sled riding hills of Cincinnati, OH is an excellent place to take the kids for the day, or just to take a sled and enjoy the winter weather. There’s also a golf course with two smaller sledding hills. The sledding is a fun way to pass the time, and you’ll find that many kids enjoy the opportunity to sled in the winter, especially if you take them on a snowy afternoon.

The most fun part of the whole sledding experience is the fact that you’ll never be the only one doing the same thing. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the area is so popular. Check it out here!


Located in the quaint and historic suburb of Clifton, Mount Storm Park has a fair amount to offer. The park’s many lawns and trees are great for a picnic or a run, and the park’s sledding hill is a blast during the winter months. It’s also one of the city’s best kept secrets, as a number of residents have been surprised to learn that it’s actually a public park.

Mount Storm is located in the heart of Clifton, a quaint, well-to-do suburb in Cincinnati. The park’s most notable draw is its proximity to the city’s more upscale neighborhoods. It’s also a popular destination for families looking for a place to escape the crowds. The park also has one of the city’s best playgrounds. The park’s many lawns and gardens are perfect for a stroll, while a picnic or a run is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Among the many attractions at Mount Storm is the Temple of Love. The gazebo was designed by Adolph Strauch, a notable architect of the late nineteenth century, who was responsible for the Spring Grove cemetery in Cincinnati. He also served as the supervisor of the Imperial Gardens in Vienna.

Aside from the gazebo, there’s also a sledding hill that’s a lot of fun to ride in the winter. The park’s other notable attractions include a number of small, well-kept cottages, a couple of small playhouses, and a great number of quaint and historic homes. Continue reading about Cincinnati!

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