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Your steering wheel is occupied by almost 650 strands of Bactria making it :

There’s a party in ya carpet…. & it’s gettin’ kinda wild!
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Ever wondered how your car impacts your mental health? Well we found the answer & it’s not quite what you would’ve expected

Science has proven that driving an unclean car leads to feelings of being stressed, over whelmed, lowers self esteem, confidence & dulls your focus.

Here's how it works

When you view yourself as a neat clean and orderly person & your car proves otherwise that creates conflict within your self-image. This conflict, by definition is stress. It also lowers your confidence and self esteem by proving you’re not the person you believe yourself to be. Though this mostly plays out in the back of your head it manifest it’s self as a flash of tension when you get in your car. This feeling of conflict/ tension has an negative impact on your focus.

Here's the problem it creates

Your car is where you prepare/ transition for your next role. It’s hard to transition from being an executive to being a loving husband and father when when your entire ride home is a trigger for feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed. This mental conflict makes it hard to mentally organize, prepare, & get into peak mental state. Imagine how much more productive you’d be if your commute validated you as a person! A clean car improves focus, confidence, & mental organization.

Here's the end result

Not being able to transition from work to home effectively negatively impacts your relationships & robs your family of the level of time & attention they deserve from you. Not only does this impact your personal relationships it also robs your company of your peak performance. Worst of all is the feeling you get knowing you could’ve done better.