How our cleanings protect you, your family, & you pets from allergens & illnesses! 

  • Color Coded rags– Here at Spick & Span we Blue rags for bathrooms, orange rags for kitchens, & yellow rags for living spaces. This ensures a rag that was previously used in some ones bathroom never makes it to your kitchen counter.  
  • Color coded spray bottles– A spray bottles that was previously sat on a toilet will never make it’s way to your counter. Just like our rags we separate our bottles by room.
  • HEPA filter vacuum– Our vacuum has a 3 stage filter. During the vacuuming process this filter  removes 99.97 % of the dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, & any other air borne contaminates. This works wonders for people with allergies, asthma, & other respiratory illnesses.
  • 2 bucket mopping system with removable mop head– Because kids, pets, & some adults spend a lot of time on your floors we use a fresh mop head in each home & we use a two bucket moping system to prevent the spread of germs & bacteria.
  • We also disinfect all switches, knobs, handles, & other common touch points to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, & viruses 
  • You’ll get the same cleaners– Having cleaners that are familiar with you & your home is one of the best ways to insure satisfaction & comfort. For this reason we’ll try to send out the same cleaner each time.

What’s included in our detailed cleaning process:


  • Dust light fixtures, cabinets, window sills, & baseboards

  • Clean face of cabinets, counter top, sink, stove top & microwave

  • Wipe off small appliances like toaster, coffee machine, ect

  • Clean face of larger appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher)

  • Sanitize light switches and door handles

  • Sweep & mop



  • Dust light fixtures,vents, cabinets, window sills & baseboards

  • Clean sink, shower, tub & toilet 

  • Clean mirror & all glass

  • Sanitize light switches and door handles

  • Sweep & mop


Bed Room 

  • Dust light fixtures, furniture & decor, vents, window sills , & baseboards

  • Make up bed / change linen

  • Sanitize light switches and door handles 

  • Vacuum & or mop


Living Spaces 

    • Dust light fixtures,vents, window sills, baseboards, furniture & decor

    • Fold blankets, fluff pillows, vac couch

    • Sanitize light switches and door handles

    • Vac and/ or mop

House Cleaning

Semi-Monthly Cleanings

  • $240 for homes up to 2,400 sq. ft.
  • 10¢ per sq. ft. for additional footage.